What is Schools Like Yours?

Schools Like Yours is a tool from FFT Education Datalab that allows you to compare your performance to that of similar schools – where you decide how similar is defined.

Its aim is to support the use of data analysis for school improvement. It is currently available for mainstream Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 schools and special schools, and contains data on KS2 and KS4 performance, absence, finance, workforce, Ofsted ratings and pupil and school characteristics.

If the tool proves popular, we plan to keep adding to it. To this end, we welcome feedback via Twitter or email: @FFTEduDatalab or educationdatalab@fft.org.uk.

About FFT Education Datalab

We are a research organisation that produces independent, cutting-edge analysis of education policy and practice. We are expert analysts of education data and use these skills to produce impactful reports, visualisations and policy recommendations.

We regularly produce blogposts and quick-turnaround pieces of analysis in response to the latest issues in education policy.

Among the topics we cover are:

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About FFT

We are part of FFT, a non-profit organisation that offers services to schools and local authorities, allowing them to benchmark pupil performance.

For more than 20 years, FFT has provided accurate and insightful information to schools, to enable pupils to achieve their full potential, and schools to improve.

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